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The September 2014 Creation In The Crossfire Newsletter
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September 2014 Newsletter (.pdf)

The Next Meeting: Sept 27th, 2014

Harbor Christian Center,
1551 N. Wilmington Bl. Wilmington CA 90744
Not far from the Harbor Freeway (110) & Pacific Coast Hwy.

Our September speaker is Mark Rizkalla!

In 2012 Mark and Noella published their first book, What Is Truth? Mark’s presentation, “A Deeper Look into the Wonders of Creation,” examines the design features of eyelashes, nose hairs, teeth, conception, and the immune system. He will also discuss the mathematical impossibility of macro-evolution.






We will have free refreshments, as well as tables set up for
you to purchase many great books and resources available!


Harbor Christian Center, Halo Hall

1551 N. Wilmington Bl. Wilmington CA 90744




Our July speaker was Nate Loper with "The Beauty of Bees: God's Handiwork Revealed Through the Tiniest of Creatures"

This talk showcases some of the creative design and amazing intricacy in the life of Bees and how God uses these little workers to sustain much of the life on our planet. We learned about some of the amazing complexity that defies evolution and still baffles scientists today, and why even Einstein thought bees were crucial to the survival of mankind.

Nate Loper is the President and Founder of the Genesis Creation Science Institute, and also heads up Genesis Camp (, a creation science day camp for students, designed to teach them about God's created world and the scientific evidence for a young-earth creation.

Nate has been fortunate to speak at various public schools, colleges, camps, conferences, as well as different churches on a wide variety of creation science and Biblical history topics. Over the years he has led numerous field trips to places like the Grand Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite, and has given tours through museums around the world. His real passion is for "teaching the teachers" and equipping churches with an understanding of Biblical apologetics in today's world.


If you missed the meeting, a DVD will be available for purchase for $5. 
Please see email us at or talk to Tom Canfield at our next meeting to get your copy!


For information contact Phyllis Gee at "".

Our meetings take place on the fourth Saturday of every month at the Lomita Calvary Assembly of God, 25501 Oak St.,  Lomita, CA.

In 1992, we changed our monthly flyer to an informative newsletter dealing with science topics relevant to the creation/evolution controversy. We changed the newsletter's name to Creation in the Crossfire for the May 1992 issue. Articles from past issues can be retrieved by clicking on the Article Archive button.

Our mailing address is:
South Bay Creation Science Association
22322 Harbor Ridge Ln. #2
Torrance, CA 90502 : : : :

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