Special January Meeting – THIS Week!

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January 23, 2016. ONE NIGHT, TWO SPEAKERS

Malone Pic small6 pm Bruce Malone

He will talk about his new book, Brilliant: Made in the Image of God. Early man is routinely portrayed as a knuckle-dragging, wife-beating, dimwitted ignoramus because it is assumed that he evolved from some sort of ape-like ancestor. However, every culture of the world displays the incredible intelligence of mankind from its very foundation. Malone explains how historical mysteries of the past confirm key biblical events.

7 pm, Doug Hamp

DougHampThe Language of Creation” The vocabulary and grammar of the biblical creation describe a period of seven literal 24-hour days – unanimously affirmed by ancient Jewish and Ante-Nicene Christian commentators. Nevertheless, a God-plus-evolution myth has arisen offering an alternative interpretation of the biblical creation. This study seeks to prove that the seven days of creation were literal-24 days.



We hold our monthly meeting at Halo Hall, 1575 N. Wilmington Blvd. Wilmington CA 90744,
next door to Harbor Christian Center. Please call Phyllis Gee at (310)328-2845 for directions.


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