June Creation Science Meeting with Mark Armitage!

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Next Meeting: June 25, 2016. 7 pm

Mark Armitage microscopeMark Armitage will present details of his continuing research on the soft tissues found in dinosaur bones, including Nano­tyrranus. He will present his historic findings of soft tissues in a new and exciting dinosaur, Nanotyrannus lancensis. Armitage and his excavating crew went to Montana last August and dug at a new, very private dig where Nanotyrannus and T-rex specimens are readily available. He will also discuss the secular publications and papers that he currently has in press.

Mark Armitage dinosaurResponding to something said, he wrote, “Yes, Darwinists have done an excellent job of building the tenets of evolution and materialism right into their jargon, thus the incredulity of college biology/geology graduates when they encounter creationists who speak a language that seems ludicrous to them! This is why soft dinosaur tissue is such a game changer—those indoctrinated by “science” are so shocked when they see this stuff they can’t even respond!” Come learn why his work is disturbing so many evolutionists.