August 2016 Creation Science Meeting with Dave Phillips

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Dave PhillipsNext Meeting: Aug 27, 2016. 7 pm. Dave Phillipps “Carbon Dating and the Age of the Earth. The Earth Is Young!” Many scientists have long maintained that the Earth and the Universe are very old. Earth is thought to be 4.6 billion years old and the Universe about 13 billion years old. However, accumulating empirical evidence strongly suggests that the Earth may actually be young. Independent evidence from dinosaur soft tissue and Carbon-14 data suggests that dinosaurs lived much more recently than thought. Carbon-14 data from coal, diamonds, and dinosaurs are all consistent with a young Earth only thousands of years old, not billions.

Homework quiz: Since the half-life of C-14 is 5,730 years, how many C-14 atoms would remain from a lump of 6.02 x 1023 C-14 atoms after 65 million years? Learn the answer at Dave’s presentation. Helpful hint: There are 11,344 half-lives in 65 million years. Another helpful hint: after 80 half-lives there would be 0.995925458 C-14 atoms left.

Video at 6pm: Thousands not Billions