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Ray Comfort’s Ministry to Atheists

The Atheist Delusion (2016) The ministry of Living Waters has produced a terrific video that ministers to atheists. This video can be seen on YouTube or purchased at Living Waters where you can buy ten or more of the DVDs at $2/ea ( and give them to your friends. This website has many helps for witnessing, not just to atheists, but for those who have questions. Comfort bases much of his appeal to the atheists appearing in this video on intelligent design.

While some of those who appeared in the popular video, Evolution Vs. God, (nearly 3 million views on YouTube) others came from new interviews recorded earlier this year in the pre-cut version of the DVD. Comfort had to ask 500 students if they were atheist before he found several willing to appear on camera. Wikipedia reports that atheists comprise 3.1% of the American population, while agnostics make up another 4%. So, of those 500 students, he found a few atheists willing to be filmed.

Atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, say the features of cells that appear to be designed are only apparent, not actual design. Comfort includes a short video clip that shows Dawkins being laughed at by a live audience during a debate with Cardinal George Pell. Here’s the transcript of that clip:

Dawkins: Of course it’s counter-intuitive that you can get something from nothing. Of course common sense does not allow you to get something from nothing. That’s why it’s interesting. It’s got to be interesting in order to give rise to the universe at all. Something pretty mysterious had to give rise to the origin of the universe. But exactly what’s meant by nothing, but whatever it is it’s very, very simple.

Audience: Laughter and tittering.

Dawkins: Why is that funny?

Audience: Increasing laughter.

Pell: Well, I think it’s a bit funny to be trying to define nothing.

Audience: More laughter and extended applause.

Dawkins: Frustrated expression on his face.

Later in the video, Ray interviews Lawrence Krauss, who wrote A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing. Krauss agrees to the interview only if Comfort limits his questions to the four Krauss reviewed before the interview.

Proof of God: Four Questions Atheists Hate to Answer (2014)

Answers in Genesis produced this DVD with Eric Hovind. Before Hovind presents his four questions to ask atheists, he shows his interviews with Christians, asking them why they believe in God. Most say it’s because of faith, a personal experience, interaction with God through prayer, or growing up in a Christian home.

Hovind explains that the typical atheist thinks religious belief is irrational because of the utter lack of evidence for God’s existence. This is the approach atheist websites use. “There is no evidence for God and you can’t convince me there is.” Hovind says the first three of his four questions sets up the Christian worldview, and the fourth undermines the atheists’ worldview. Here are his four questions:

  1. Is it impossible for the God of the Bible to exist? (In the atheists’ universe, nothing is impossible. If an atheist says it’s impossible, then ask, “How do you know it’s impossible?”)
  2. Is it impossible for the Bible to be what it claims to be?
  3. Could the God of the Bible reveal things to us in such a way that we could be absolutely certain of them?
  4. Could you be wrong about everything you think you know?

For an example of how he uses these four questions, he plays the recorded phone conversation he had with a 17-year-old atheist.

Atheism is claimed to be the fastest growing religion in America. Most atheists dislike calling atheism a religion, but it is. Atheists believe no god exists. Since they can’t prove no god exists, they have to exercise faith, despite their claim that there is no evidence for God and that atheism is just a lack of belief in God (See Jaclyn Glenn’s “Jesus Is a Lie” on YouTube). If atheism were simply a lack of belief, why all the hubbub from atheists?

“Remember the Inquisition! Remember the Salem Witch Trials!” Atheists consistently bring up all the people who have been unjustly killed in the name of Christianity. Hovind defangs this by reminding viewers that an estimated 200,000 died by such ungodly, anti-biblical acts by Christians, but over 200 million people have died as a result of atheism in the past 100 years. Stalin did all he could to stamp out Christianity in Russia: 56-62 million killed, Lenin killed another 5 million.  Mao Tse Tung wiped out another 60 million. Hitler, an ardent evolutionist who attempted to purify humanity by eliminating the weak and unfit, cost many millions of lives through instigating WWII and the persecution of Jews and certain Christian groups.

Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines (2016) shows the trailer for this DVD. Listen to the song and watch the fabulous animation of molecular machines before clicking on the “play” icon for the trailer. This DVD marks the 20-year anniversary of Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box. Both the book and the DVD focus on the bacterial flagellum and irreducible complexity.

Over the years since Darwin’s Black Box, evolutionists have tried to debunk Behe’s main thesis of irreducible complexity. They believe they succeeded in the trial of Kitzmiller Vs. Dover in Pennsylvania, ignoring that the judge was not impartial. Revolutionary explains the details of this trial. See the Kitzmiller trial details at Evolution Views & News (EVN).

Dr. Scott Minnich testified at the Kitzmiller trial on behalf of Intelligent Design. Evolutionists cite the Type Three Secretion System (TTSS) as an example that falsifies Behe’s irreducible complexity concept.

As Minnich and Meyer explain, “Behe argues that natural selection and random mutation cannot produce the irreducibly complex bacterial flagellar motor with its forty separate protein parts, since the motor confers no functional advantage on the cell unless all the parts are present.”[1]

Kenneth Miller, a Catholic evolutionist at Brown University, argues that natural selection could have “co-opted” the functional parts from the TTSS and other earlier simple systems to produce the flagellar motor. Minnich and others showed that although the TTSS contains eight to ten proteins that are also found among the forty different proteins making up the bacterial flagellar motor, multiple TTSSs in a bacterium cause interference, ruining Miller’s idea.

“Additionally, the other thirty proteins in the flagellar motor (that are not present in the TTSS) are unique to the motor and are not found in any other living system. From whence, then, were these protein parts co-opted? Also, even if all the protein parts were somehow available to make a flagellar motor during the evolution of life, the parts would need to be assembled in the correct temporal sequence similar to the way an automobile is assembled in factory. Yet, to choreograph the assembly of the parts of the flagellar motor, present-day bacteria need an elaborate system of genetic instructions as well as many other protein machines to time the expression of those assembly instructions. Arguably, this system is itself irreducibly complex. In any case, the co-option argument tacitly presupposes the need for the very thing it seeks to explain—a functionally interdependent system of proteins.”[2]

Upon searching for Kitzmiller at EVN, readers are gifted with many articles on this topic along with a free digital book, Traipsing into Evolution: Intelligent Design and the Kitzmiller vs. Dover Decision (124 pages). This book is a critique of Judge John E. Jones III’s controversial decision in Kitzmiller v. Dover (2005).

Origin: Unlocking the Mystery of Life

How did life originate? How do the evolutionists’ explanations stand up to reality? This DVD is loaded with animations, delivering the rich visual productions Illustra has developed. This video focuses on the origin of life. Because this DVD is about things that take place at the submicroscopic level, actual photography is replaced by carefully animated depictions of molecular events.

What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy – Our Created Universe (2016)

Spike Psarris was an engineer in the United States military space program. Go to to learn more about this program. Psarris was an atheist at the beginning of his career in the program and left as a Christian. This is the third DVD in this series, What You Aren’t Being Told about Astronomy:

Volume 1: Our Created Solar System (2009-13)

Volume 2: Our Created Stars and Galaxies (2012)

Volume 3: Our Created Universe (2016)

This delightful astronomical series is hosted by Psarris, sometimes with humorous jabs. See his website: for scientists’ reviews.

 Markus Lloyd hosts Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

We are involved in ministering to the residents of the Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass, OR. In addition to having shown Psarris’ DVDs, Ray Comfort’s the Atheist Delusion, Eric Hovind’s Proof of God, Louie Giglio’s Indescribable and How Great Is Our God, Os Guinness’ If God Is Good Why do Bad Things Happen?, videos by Frank Turek, J. Warner Wallace, Stephen Meyer, and many other excellent speakers, we added Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, which the mission residents loved.

Markus Lloyd is a fabulous host and does an excellent job explaining the mysteries of Genesis to his audience. He presents materials authored by the scientists of the Institute for Creation Science (ICR) which cover many important topics, such as the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the age of Earth, the Ice Age, the Genesis Flood, and other vital creation topics. ICR recently published Henry Morris’ III book, Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis.

Lloyd is also host of the Made in His Image series by ICR, and their newest series, Uncovering the Truth about Dinosaurs. This series is likely to be a big hit. It covers the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones by our friend Mark Armitage, such as the triceratops horn.When we first started using the triceratops drawing on the front of our mailer, we didn’t realize what an irritant that animal would become to evolutionists. Armitage has many videos of his work on the triceratops horn and other topics on YouTube. See

[1] Minnich, Scott, and Meyer, Stephen, “Genetic analysis of coordinated flagellar and type III regulatory circuits in pathogenic bacteria,” Second International Conference on Design & Nature, Rhodes Greece, 2004.

[2] Ibid.

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