April Meeting With Bruce Wood AND Bruce Malone!

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Double Speaker Night!

6 pm: Bruce Wood

Bruce will speak on “Scientific Dominos from a Transcendent God.” Learn how the flood geology of the Noahic event caused massive changes in Earth’s geography, geology, and climate. See also how this catastrophic deluge affected paleontology and genetic changes in humans. Understand how the Genesis flood caused the Ice Age and decline in life spans for all animals and humans.

Bruce Wood, MA (Theological Studies, Northwest Bap. Sem.), is the administrator of Theolog Creation Ministries. He was a staff member at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR.org) for over nine years, creation museum docent for sixteen years, and ICR’s primary responder to most scientific and creation-related questions for five years. His 40+ years of accumulated creation apologetic research can be found on his web-site at www.theologcreationministries.com

7 pm Bruce Malone

Bruce will speak on “How to Fold a Rock” The biblical view of history and geology is diametrically op-posed to the current teaching in geology. Every museum and text-book states as a fact that the rock layers of the Earth reveal billions of years of Earth history.

Come and consider the top ten evidences that these rock layers could not possibly have been laid down over millions of years, but instead they are the result of a recent global flood upon our planet. The conclusion explains how so many experts can be blind to the obvious. At this time of spreading darkness, it is all the more important to keep the truth that creation has a Creator in front of people around us.” See www.searchforthetruth.net for more information.

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