June Meeting With Mark Rizkalla

Next Meeting: June 24, 2017 @ 6pm Mark Rizkalla

Mark Rizkalla is a first generation Egyptian American born and raised in a Christian home. Like many Christians, Mark had his share of life struggles some of which he allowed to separate him from God. In 2008 he brought that season to an end when he resolved to live a life worthy of the Gospel. Mark has always had a passion for sharing the Gospel message with friends, family, and strangers. He understands that souls are at stake and takes evangelism and investing godly principals in the lives around him very seriously. His passion coupled with God’s grace led Mark to publish his first book What is Truth on his 28th birthday (Feb. 23, 2012). The book was to serve as an evangelism tool to give to friends. It is an organized piece of literature that touches on the topics of evolution, the trustworthiness of the Bible, and much more.

Mark Rizkalla will be speaking on “Impossibilities of the Bible”

Ever been questioned regarding your faith in the Bible? The things written in it that are just too impossible to believe? We’re going to be looking at just a few of them that I have been asked over the years to see wether they are truly impossible to believe or not. We’ll be going over the current number in population, facts surrounding the global flood in Noah’s days, man being created by the dust on the ground, and a few other topics…


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