The Tentacles of Evolution, Part 4 of 4

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201801 Tentacles of Evolution Part 4

The Tentacles of Evolution, Part 4 of 4

By Bruce Wood, MA
Edited by Anita Millen, MD, MPH, MA

10. PANTHEISM AND HEATHEN IDEOLOGIES account for billions of souls who worship impersonal deities that derive from, or use, evolutionary processes in their respective cosmologies. Greek, Roman, Near Eastern, and Far Eastern religions, among others, have theological roots in pantheism (the belief that everything is God).

The monotheistic faiths of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all ironically based on Scripture. Poly-theologies invariably incorporate evolution in their cosmologies. ICR CEO, Dr. Henry Morris III, comments on the disparity between worldviews:

The battle now being waged among the power centers of the world is essentially a strategic warfare guided by two entirely different belief systems. One seeks to control the affairs of men based on a naturalistic and humanistic worldview, and the other seeks to present a theistic and creationist worldview. The war between these worldviews constitutes the basis for the opposing philosophies, religions, political, and sociological tenets and actions taken by man. What we believe will frame our reactions, our priorities, and our expectations.[1]

Reaching the lost who hold pantheistic, atheistic, agnostic, and new age views regarding cosmologies remains a difficult task. In his article, The Importance of Creationism in Foreign Missions, ICR founder, Dr. Henry Morris says in part,

With the explosive growth of science, travel, and communication in the past century, the hold of the world’s pantheistic and occult religions on the nations has become stronger than ever. Since these are all evolutionary religions anyway, modern propaganda on behalf of “scientific” evolutionism has been readily accepted by them and used to convince their adherents of the scientific validity of their respective religious systems.

Evolutionism is now taught as vigorously in the schools of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific islands as it is in America and Europe and is now even more readily accepted and widely believed on these “mission fields,” where evolutionary religions have held sway for centuries, than it is in the “Christian” nations of the West. It is, therefore, more vital than ever that these peoples be reached first of all with the truth of creation, except that now it must be Biblical creationism in a scientific context, showing that their evolutionary premises and teachings have been false.[2]

Far Eastern societies are largely based on enlightenment and mystical systems that promote spiritual evolution to reach nirvana or other ethereal realm. Similarly, western societies have been indoctrinated to accept the dogma that they are the product of an evolutionary process that favored their kind above others. They have been brainwashed to reject the spiritual and physical truth of a literal creation timeline.

And why not? Our court system has been a virtual bastion, from which pro-evolution lawyers have launched attacks against the Genesis record of creation. The floodgates of evolution and denigration of Scripture have been opened wide by our highest court.

The Supreme Court has sided with evolutionists against creation and Intelligent Design through the years, and its rulings have affected all educational levels, but God knows that the Supreme Court…isn’t!

Christian institutions have been closed because evolution-controlled education systems have lobbied heavily against accrediting schools that teach a literal creation. I experienced this about halfway through my master’s degree in a creation apologetic program, which had been accredited in California.

ICR’s Graduate School in California closed after ICR moved to Texas. When they attempted to reopen in Texas, the first inspection team submitted a positive report to accredit the school, but in an unprecedented act, a second evolution-biased team’s report convinced the governor to reject ICR’s accreditation. Thus, a summary court decision denied accreditation in 2010.[3]

Is it any wonder, then, that Christians—even the most prolific defenders of the faith and creation science—are finding it increasingly difficult to advance creation science in a country where the tentacles of evolution have a stranglehold on the media, public schools, and the court system?

11. TOO PROUD TO CHANGE OR ADMIT BEING WRONG is another reason many will not openly challenge evolution. The biblical illustrations of those refusing to acknowledge God’s commandments are numerous. Adam, the patriarchs, nations (including Israel), kings, and religious leaders have all been highlighted as examples of those whose prideful acts have played a large role in causing millions to lose their physical and eternal lives. In the process, God’s character has been defamed.

Theologians in colleges, seminaries, and churches are too proud to acknowledge their incorrect interpretations of Genesis. They balk and refuse to leave their denominations in favor of one that stands by a literal creation. Pride prompts those and other religious leaders to disseminate an inaccurate creation account, thereby further tarnishing the character of the Creator and the accuracy of His Word.

It is unfortunate that many good pastors and Bible professors weaken when faced with the issue of correctly translating the Genesis creation account. Evolution-based scientific propaganda, peer pressure, threats of job loss, and pro-evolution Bible “scholars” have influenced thousands to embrace long ages and become ensnared by the tentacles of evolution.

For example, the Answers in Genesis (AIG) article, “Influential Pastors and Theologians on the Days of Creation and the Age of the Earth: A Critique,” by Simon Turpin, discusses old-earth advocates, such as R. C. Sproul, John Piper, D. A. Carson, Michael Horton, and Timothy Keller.[4]

In another AIG article, “Why Don’t Many Christian Leaders and Scholars Believe Genesis?” by Dr. Terry Mortenson, more old-earth theologians are listed, including Dr. Gleason Archer (Old Testament professor); Dr. James Montgomery Boice (pastor and Bible scholar), Dr. Bruce Waltke (Old Testament professor), Dr. Norman Geisler (philosopher and seminary president), and eight others.[5] These can be added to the Hebrew scholars mentioned by Dr. Herman Austel, previously referenced in part 1 of this article (Oct 2017).


This article presents reasons that many continue to profess evolution as a viable theory for origins. These reasons have been compared to tentacles, like those of an octopus. These tentacles of evolution reach out to grasp the ignorance, pseudoscientific indoctrination, sin nature, and vain imaginings that permeate its victims, Christians and non-Christians alike.

I believe that untrained professors, pastors, parents—and many other Christians for that matter—have lost much of their ‘saltiness’ as productive servants of Jesus Christ. They may turn out God-fearing congregations, produce fruitful children in society, and partake in many needful community services, but they have lost the ability to be good defenders of the Person and work of Christ, particularly when it comes to how and when our Lord made all things.

Theological and scientific facts have been incorporated throughout this paper to help Christian professors, pastors, parents, students, and Christians generally, counteract evolutionary dogma. These facts will correct theological errors, educate the unlearned, protect the Creator’s flock, and support the Person and work of Jesus Christ, counteracting those grasping tentacles of evolution.

For the glory of God’s Son, our Creator, Jesus Christ,

Bruce Wood
Administrator, Theolog Creation Ministries

From Whence Came Radioactive Elements?

By Jon Covey, BA, CLS(ASCP) Ret.
Edited by Anita Millen, MD, MPH, MA, Ret.

Nuclear physicist Vernon Cupps, PhD, who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory before becoming a radiation physicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory where he directed a radiochemical analysis lab (1988-2011), wrote “Stellar Nucleosynthesis: Where Did Heavy Elements Come From?” for ICR’s January 2018 Acts & Facts newsletter. Dr. Cupps’ article concentrates especially on elements heavier than Iron-56 (56Fe).

If you don’t get this publication, it is free online and in print from ICR. The article is only for the brave, somewhat detailed and complex. The remarks below are just a brief overview.

If theorists are correct, the Big Bang created mainly hydrogen and helium – not as atoms but as nuclei of those elements (See Martin White’s blog. Martin White is professor of physics and astronomy at UC Berkeley, and faculty senior scientist in the physics division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He heads the astronomy website for UC Berkeley.).

On the website, Dr. White discusses the origin of the light elements, such as helium, and lithium. Dr. Cupps says that the secular models propose that all the chemical elements on earth originated in stars, but heavy elements like iron, gold and uranium can’t be made in even the hottest known stars. Referring back to his article of September 2017, he reminds readers, “that elements heavier than iron (56Fe) cannot be produced in stars like our sun because nuclear fusion reactions for elements above 56Fe become endothermic—i.e., the surrounding medium must supply energy to the reaction for it to occur.”

Secular scientists believe that the heavy elements are produced in supernova explosions. Cupps says that the temperature of expanding supernova debris is about 2×1011°K, which isn’t hot enough to fuel the fusion of two iron nuclei. From this we can conclude that the heavy elements like uranium (238U) and the stable gold isotope (197Au) cannot be synthesized in supernovas, the most energetic of all sources.

According to Cupps, there are too many unanswered questions. The secular explanations “rely on extremely improbable events happening at incomprehensibly high energies over mind-numbing time frames—in essence, the energy, matter, random chance paradigm.” Whereas, the Bible explains that God, with the power and wisdom necessary, created everything contained in the universe by calling into being that which did not exist (Romans 4:17).

[1] Morris III, H. 2010. The Holy War. Acts & Facts. 39 (7): 22.

[2] Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. 1986. “The Importance of Creationism in Foreign Missions”. Acts & Facts. 15 (8).

[3] Creation Wiki article, ICR Graduate School.

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About the Author
Jon Covey and is wife Anita have been long-time members of the South Bay Creation Science Association. Jon and Anita write the monthly Creation in the Crossfire newsletter and have been invaluable in adding great research and insight into the creation articles we send out.