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Guest Speaker October 28th 2017

Joseph Kezele studied the sciences and music at the University of Arizona, while earning his B.A. in Russian in 1971, and his M.D. in 1975. He then completed a Pediatric Residency and practiced Emergency Medicine for 25 years in the Phoenix area, and was a diplomate of the...
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September 23rd Speaker Eric Anderson

World Religions & The Creation Question. What do other religions believe about the origin of the world? How can we witness to them? This presentation will cover a number of major world religions and their traditional position on origins. First, we will look at Biblical...
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August 26, 2017 @ 7 pm John Rajca

Lecturer: John Rajca, former ICR Museum Curator. John Rajca, a former ICR museum curator, will speak on the relationship between Charles Darwin and Karl Marx and its significance. For atheists, Darwin’s doctrines were a breath of fresh air. Marx fully appreciated what Darwinism...
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Greg Guich Pastor of Centinela Bible Church

Greg Guich Pastor of Centinela Bible Church. Dinosaurs in Ancient Art – Italy, Israel and the Middle East- Part B A number of strange art pieces have surfaced over the years, depicting giant reptiles and dinosaur-like creatures interacting with human beings. This one hour...
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June Meeting With Mark Rizkalla

Next Meeting: June 24, 2017 @ 6pm Mark Rizkalla Mark Rizkalla is a first generation Egyptian American born and raised in a Christian home. Like many Christians, Mark had his share of life struggles some of which he allowed to separate him from God. In 2008 he brought that season...
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May Meeting With Chuck Kinzie

Next Meeting: May 27, 2017 at 6pm Chuck Kinzie Philosophy graduate of Cal State, Fullerton, Chuck Kinzie: Science Is Possible Only If the Bible Is True.” Many professing atheists accuse creationists of being “anti-science” for believing and defending the Biblical...
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Abiogenesis & RNA World Part 2

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By Jon Covey, BA, CLS(ASCP) Edited by Anita Millen, MD, MPH, MA The undirected, prebiotic synthesis of self-reproducing molecules on the hypothetical early Earth is so improbable that it is tantamount to promoting tooth fairies, pink elephants, and magic castles as real....
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Next Meeting: March 25, 2017 at 7 pm Ross Anderson, Ph.D.

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The lowly fruit fly – who would have thought that the very early stages of its development strongly suggest involvement of a Designer? We will take a brief look into the earliest steps in the fruit fly and see that it can only come about with intentional forethought; i.e., the...
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Review of Undeniable by Douglas Axe

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Review of Undeniable by Douglas Axe Discovery Institute’s Douglas Axe, a molecular biologist, explains the outlandish thinking that the accidental development of life could happen in Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition that Life Is Designed (2016). One would think that...
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Introduction to Creation Science
Creation: A Better Science, by Jon Covey
Is God an Evolutionist?, by David Menton
How Can I become Involved in this Issue?, by Walt Brown

Astronomy & Cosmology
Age of the Universe, by Jon Covey (Rev 01, 2/19/06)
Is the Universe Showing Its Age?, by Jon Covey
Short Period Comets, by Jon Covey
Star Formation, by Jon Covey
Supernova Remnants, by Jon Covey
Our ‘tailor-made’ Universe, by Nancy Pearcey
The Big Bang: Part 1 Star Formation by Jon Covey
The Big Bang: Part 2 Why Galaxies Shouldn’t Exist by Jon Covey

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Chemistry Refutes Chance Origin of Life by Jon Covey
In the Beginning, Did the Earth Have a Cloud Cover?, by Jon Covey
Introduction to Epigenetics and review of Nessa Carey’s book by Jon Covey
Introduction to Epigenetics and review of Woodward and Gills book by Jon Covey
Introduction to Epigenetics and review of Richard Francis’ book by Jon Covey
The Origin of the Life Code: DNA and its Evolution by Jon Covey

Charles Darwin: Influences On the Man, His Science, And His Theory, by Robert Kofal, Ph.D.

The Origin of Blood Types, by Jon Covey (includes skeptic Dr. Steven Morris’ challenge letter)
Homology: a Problem, not a Proof, for Evolution, by Jon Covey
Vestigial Organs, by Jon Covey
Mutations do not Support Darwinism, a review of an article by Dr. Jerry Bergman
The Spontaneous Generation Hypothesis, David P. Woetzel
National Geographic ‘woof’ worse than its bite! by Mike Matthews, with John Verderame, AiG-US
The design of tears: an example of Irreducible complexity, by Jerry Bergman

Book Reviews
Bones of Contention, by Jon Covey
Darwin’s Black Box, by Anita Millen, M.D., M.P.H.
The Dark Side of Charles Dawin, by Anita Millen, M.D., M.P.H., M.A.
Darwin on Trial, by Kurt Howard, M.S.
Defeating Darwinism, by Jon Covey
Taking Wing: Archaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight, by Jon Covey
The Rise of Birds, by Jon Covey
Rare Earth, by Don B. DeYoung
In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, by Dr. C. Stuart Patterson
The Origin of Species, by Clifford Lillo
Darwin’s Leap of Faith: Exploring the False Religion of Evolution, by Karl Priest
Galileo, Science and the Church, by Clifford Lillo

Church History
Civilization Transformed, by Alvin J. Schmidt

Cryptozoology From Around the World, by Garth Guessman
Pterosaurs, by Garth Guessman

Darwinism: The Clever Chameleon, by Anita Millen, M.D., M.P.H., M.A.
Survival of the Fakest, by Jonathan Wells
Darwinism as a Factor in the Twentieth-Century Totalitarianism Holocausts, by Jerry Bergman
Another Evolution Fraud Exposed, by Stephen Caesar
Dismantling Darwinism: A Conversation with Phillip Johnson, by Jim Dailey

Extended Fossil Ranges relates to the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye Debate in 2014 by Jon Covey

800 Year Old Stegosaur-like Carving on an  Buddhist temple in Cambodia
Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?, Source: Dinosaurs by Design and Connie Horn How Does Evolution Explain Dinosaur Extinction? by Dr. Donald DeYoung
How Does Evolution Explain Dinosaur Extinction? by Dr. Donald DeYoung
Pterosaurs, by Garth Guessman
The Fiery Flying Serpent, David Woetzel

Abridged version of Chapter 2 of “After the Flood”, by Bill Cooper


Life is a Devolving, Dynamically Engineered Invention of Vast Originality by Dr J. Mastropaolo

An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, by Jon Covey

Evidence for the Genesis Flood by Jon Covey
Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Part I, by Jon Covey
Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Part II, by Jon Covey
Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Part III, by Jon Covey
Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Part IV, by Jon Covey
Cyclothems: Evidence for the Flood, by Kurt Howard and Jon Covey
Turbidites: A Challenge to Uniformitarianism, by Kurt Howard, M.S.
Varves: Problems for Standard Geochronology, by Kurt Howard, M.S.

Intelligent Design
Anti-design Arguments 600 BCE to Present, by Jon Covey
Design in Parasitic Systems, by Mark Armitage, B.S., M.S.
Intelligent Design no.1, by Kerri and Kimmi
Intelligent Design no.2, by Kerri and Kimmi
The design of tears: an example of Irreducible complexity, by Jerry Bergman
The Problem of Information for the Theory of Evolution–Has Dawkins Really Solved It?, by Royal Truman
The World’s Smallest Motor: Evidence of Supernatural Design, by Jon Covey

Molecular Biology
Does Antibiotic Resistance Prove Evolution?, by Jon Covey
The Molecular Clock Hypothesis, Part I, by Jon Covey
The Molecular Clock Hypothesis, Part II, by Jon Covey

Fossil Man: Are Australopithicine’s Man’s Ancestors? Part I, by Jon Covey
Fossil Man: Are Australopithicine’s Man’s Ancestors? Part II, by Jon Covey
Fossil Man: Are Australopithicine’s Man’s Ancestors? Part III, by Jon Covey
How Old Is Humanity?, by David Plaisted, Ph.D.
The La Brea Tar Pits as Evidence of a Worldwide Flood, by William Weston
Review, by Cliff Llillo

Archaeopteryx: The Trump Card of Evolution, by Jon Covey
Before the Cambrian Explosion, by Jon Covey
Does Fossilization Require Millions of Years?, By Rick Balogh, M.S.
Footprints in Stone, by Jon Covey
The Fossil Record, by Jon Covey
The Origin of Stasis: Part I, by Art Battson
The Origin of Stasis: Part II, by Art Battson
The Origin of Stasis: Part III, by Art Battson
The Origin of Stasis: Part IV, by Art Battson
The Newest Skull, by Cliff Llillo
Insect Non-Evolution, by Dr. Jerry Bergman

Answer by Clifford L. Lillo
Loving God With All Your Mind: Logic and Creation, by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D.

Polonium Halos
Polonium Halos: Evidence of  Instantaneous Creation, by Jon Covey
Anonymous Professor Refutes Covey’s Halo Evidence
Creation’s Tiny Mystery Explored, by Robert Goette, Ph.D.
Polonium Halos: Comments on Geological Objections, by Robert Gentry, Ph.D.

Radiometric Dating
Pioneering l4C Dating of Wyoming Amber and Its Implications for a Young Earth and Global Catastrophism, by Hugh R. Miller/” J.R. Michaels, and Matt M. Miller
Radioisotope Age, by Robert Brown, Ph.D.
Radiometric Dating, by Jon Covey
Younging Up – Why do radiometric ages decrease going up the geological column?, by Jon Covey
Younging Up – The Rest of the Story, by Jon Covey

Scopes Trial
Truth vs Hollywood Fiction, by Bill Morgan