Nearly everyone who has spoken at one of our meetings in the last eight years, including internationally known creation speakers, has been videotaped. A copy of any video tape will be made upon request. Copies are $5 each plus shipping. To order, contact Ed Gee by email at

Auldaney, Jeremy
Creationist Dinosaur Dig at Hansen Ranch. Mr. Auldaney takes his audience to the fossil-rich Hansen Ranch in Wyoming where many dinosaur bones have been unearthed. The site is the only known exclusively creationist paleontological dig.
Armitage, Mark, B.S., M.S.
Parasitism and the Origin of Parasites. Armitage, former student of Richard Lumsden, presently studying for a masters in biology, owns a microscope dealership.
Diatoms and the Lompoc Fossil Whale. A fossil whale was found standing upright through many layers of diatomaceous earth by miners. Armitage corrects some misconceptions concerning this find and presents many challenges to a visiting opponent of young earth creationists.
Genesis Revealed in Written Chinese. After the Flood, descendants of Noah migrated to China, carrying with them the memory of events in Genesis which they immortalized in their language’s characters.
Balogh, Rick, M.S.
The Earth’s Age is Simply a Matter of Faith. A very enjoyable and popular speaker. Balogh has a masters in geology and teaches science at Antelope Valley College. He gives good evidence for a recent creation.
How a Creationist Teaches Earth Science in a College Classroom. Balogh challenges his students to examine carefully what they have learned in science and consider the logic and evidence they have been given for evolution.
Brown, Robert, Ph.D.
Radiocarbon Dating. Dr. Brown, former president of the Geoscience Research Institute at Loma Linda, Loma Linda University, examines carbon-14 dating.
Chiu, Chris, Ph.D.
Interpretation of Radioactive Decay. Dr. Chiu, dean of the Logos Graduate School, Los Angeles, examines recent discoveries about radioactive decay and what impact they have on radiometric estimates for the age of the earth.
Did God Use Evolution to Create? Many Christians who are evolutionists believe He did, but all evolutionary theories have the same weaknesses: no evidence.
Cook, Charles
Stasis in the Fossil Record. Mr. Cook says that many species appear abruptly in the fossil record fully developed, e.g., sharks, bivalves, and after they appear they show little or no directional change throughout their record.
Coppedge, Dave, B.S., B.S.
ICR Grand Canyon Adventure–A Slide Show. Beautiful aerial and ground photography chronicles an ICR trek through Grand Canyon, spiced with powerful facts favoring the Flood from geological features in the canyon.
Covey, Jon, B.A. MT(ASCP) and Stephen Morris, Ph.D.
Creation vs. Evolution. Imaginative title, huh? Covey and Morris alternately present their beliefs about creation and evolution. Not quite a debate, but close enough (two tapes $25).
Davison, Gordon, M.S.
Stratigraphy of the Karoo Sequence of South Africa. Davison, chief geologist for Gemcor in South Africa interprets this major geological feature in terms of the Flood. The Karoo is home to countless billions of fossils. Gordon shows how they found some important fossil remains.
DeYoung, Donald, Ph.D.
Astronomy from a Creationist Perspective. Dr. DeYoung, a very refreshing speaker, discusses many current topics and discoveries in astronomy, explaining how they either refute the big bang or support creation.
Hoesch, Bill, M.S.
Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: A Global Flood Model of Earth History. Mr. Hoesch, a geologist at the Institute for Creation Research, reviews the research of six creationist geologists who have come up with a unified theory concerning plate tectonics and the Flood.
Howard, Kurt, M.S.
Martian Life. Meteorites from Mars carrying remnants of life or mud containing simple carbon based compounds? Could they be rocks from earth’s volcanoes? Geologist Kurt Howard describes the rocks, including the alleged “nanobacteria”, and other notable features.
Hunsicker, Galen, Ph.D.
Bacteria and the Discovery of Antibiotics. Dr. Hunsicker takes his audience through the history leading to the discovery of antibiotics.
Lang, Walter, Ph.D.
Evidence for a Worldwide Flood. Speaks on the Flood and the results of workshops on key words in Scriptures such as the meaning of ‘firmament’. Lang is the founder of the Bible-Science Association.
Lumsden, Richard, Ph.D.
Not So Blind A Watchmaker. Richard Dawkins, look out! Dr. Lumsden’s talk is fabulous. The best. Maybe it’s my microbiological background that has prejudiced me, but others, including my wife, affirm that this talk is outstanding. If this lecture doesn’t do it for you, wait until you hear his testimony which is also on the video
Millen, Anita, M.D., MPH
Genetics and Genesis. A physician with a specialty in preventive medicine, now pursuing a masters in teaching English as a second language, takes a close look at genetics, mutations, and probability.
Supermarket Survival. Is it possible to buy healthy foods in the supermarket? Dr. Millen, a physician who spent many years working with a biochemist to improve people’s health through proper diet, gives valuable shopping advice: what to look for, what to get, what to reject.
Morgan, Bill, M.S.
Mr. Morgan, a mechanical engineer, has a great sense of humor and ability for talking to kids. The Creation vs. Evolution argument is vital. We must give our youth and adults sound, simple and powerful reasons to believe in creation and reject evolution.
Pastore, Frank, M.Div.
Methodological Naturalism. Scary title for powerful Christian thinking. Pastore, a former pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds (’75-’86), graduated from Talbot after studying under J.P. Moreland and developed a Christian Apologetics group: guns for hire!
Phillips, Dave, M.S.
Dinosaurs, the Bible, and Extinction. Phillips, has a masters in paleoanthropology. He gives new insight concerning dinosaur extinction.
The Petrified Forest. Phillips considers many features of the petrified forest and geology of the area, showing that the “forest” is the result of a tremendous flood catastrophe and not merely overly swollen rivers carrying logs from far away forests to their final resting grounds.
Purcell, Everett, M.S. M.Div.
The Day Age and the Gap Theory. Rev. Purcell retired as an aerospace engineer. Following the Lord’s leading, he went to Talbot Theological Seminary and earned a dual masters in Hebrew and theology. Purcell examines the Hebrew in Genesis, concerning the meaning of “day”, and clearly explains it to his audience.
Stambaugh, Jim, M.Div., M.L.S.
Mr. Stambaugh is librarian for the Institute for Creation Research. His talk, Where Did “Death” Come From?, examines some crucial issues. Was there death before Adam sinned?
Taylor, Ian, M.S.
Internationally renowned speaker and author of In the Minds of Men, Taylor is president of the Bible Science Association which publishes Bible-Science News. Videos include:

  • The Flood
  • Fossil Man
  • The Pre-Flood World
  • The Age of the Earth
  • From Cain to Darwin
  • Christianity and Darwin
Vardiman, Larry, Ph.D.
The Big Freeze. Dr. Vardiman explains how the Flood was the cause of the ice age and why the Flood is the best scientific explanation for the ice age. His talk has surprising evidence favoring a global Flood.
Wilson, Clifford, Ph.D.
Archaeology and the Bible. Dr. Wilson, author of Crash Go the Chariots, describes how recent archaeological finds have vindicated the Bible from accusations made by skeptics attempting to discredit it.

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